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Aina [ger] – Day of Rising Doom – The Metal Opera


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Featured vocalist would be GLENN HUGHES of TRAPEZE, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH repute, CANDICE NIGHT of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, the HELLOWEEN and SUPARED credited MICHAEL KISKE, Tobias Sammet of EDGUY and AVANTASIA, ANGRA and SHAMAN man andre Matos and Olaf Hayer from the LUCA TURILLI band. Also featured would be STRATOVARIUS keyboard player Jens Johansson, ivory maestro DEREK SHERINAN, ex-HEAVENS GATE and STEELTOWER man Thomas Rettke, former AT VANCE singer OLIVER HARTMANN, KAMELOT's Thomas Youngblood, EPICA's Simone Simons, LANA LANE guitarist ERIK NORLANDER and the NIGHTWISH pairing of Marko Hietala and Emppu Vuorinen. Tracklist: 1. Aina Overture 2. Revelations 3. Silver Maiden 4. Flight Of Torek 5. Naschtok Is Born 6. The Beast Within 7. The Siege Of Aina 8. Talon's Last Hope 9. Rape Of Oria 10. Son Of Sorvahr 11. Serendipity 12. Lalae Amêr 13. Rebellion 14. Oriana's Wrath 15. Restoration 16. The Story Of Aina 17. The Beast Within (Single version) 18. Ve Toúra Sol -Rape Of Oria- (Ainae version) 19. Flight Of Torek (Single version) 20. Silver Maiden (Alternate version) 21. Talon's Last Hope (Demo) 22. The Siege Of Aina (Single version) 23. The Story Of Aina (Instrumental)

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