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Karl Åke Edvard Grönberg was a Swedish film actor who appeared in nearly 100 films. Gronberg was a versatile stage personality of his day, performing as a singer, variety artist, actor, in musical shows and in dramatic productions. His biggest movie success was as the sidekick to Åke Söderblom, in the three “Biffen Och Bananen” movies. He made his record debut in with “Jag Kom På Rätt Sida På Andra Sidan Kölen” and he would continue to record several albums. His biggest record successes were “Gungeligung”, “Den Gamla Dansbanan” and “Svarta Rudolf”. On this album you’ll find 12-track with Åke Grönberg recorded between 1940 and 1955. Some of them accompanied by Nisse Lind others by Sven Jarholt, Gosta Alenius, Jack Gill and Ivan Thelmes, Sven Arefeldt, Calle Jaerdes or Olle Johnnys orchestra. He died of a heart attack in 1969, 55 years old.

Track list:
1. Dans Pa Logen
2. Vid Tannforsen
3 Ah Oh Ah
4. Gronholmavalsen
5. Styrman Nord
6. Lordagskvall I Paradiset
7. Vals Vid Drevviken
8. flickan Fran Gullabo By
9. En Hambosvang
10. Ensam Pa En Krog I Hamburg
11. Tank Jag Dromde I Natt
12. De A Nage Visst Me De

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