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Akhlys ‎–Melinoe cd


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Following up 2015s oneiric modern classic The Dreaming I, Akhlys present the eagerly anticipated Melinoe – five paeans of hypnotic, metamorphic and dangerously addictive Black Metal titled after the Orphic Goddess, bringer of nightmare and madness. The most group-oriented iteration of Akhyls to date here channel the structural arcs of dream experience as they weave martial drumming, swarming counterpoint guitars, spellbinding dark ambient textures and vocal paroxysms of euphoric terror into layered, multi-faceted songs that perfectly juxtapose meticulous craftsmanship and frightening pandemonium. Spiritual, mythic, emotional and physical, with Melinoe Akhlys have deepened the mystery to draw yet more inside a new way of dreaming. In the words of the band’s prime architect Naas Alcameth: From the gates of slumber, where succubi perch betwixt wakefulness and dream, to the dark lands beyond, where nightmare daemons and the gods of terror preside, Melinoe serves as noctuary, hymnal and sojourn.

Track list:
1. Somniloquy
2. Pnigalion
3. Succubare
4. Ephialtes
5. Incubatio

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Debemur Morti Productions

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DMP 0194

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