Akitsa / Prurient -Split lp



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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

Here we have a rewarding split between Quebec underground Black Metal cult, Akitsa, and noise luminary Dominick Fernow as Prurient. This is a union of diverging musical paths and the result is far from incongruous. Akitsa’s ‘Terre Eternelle’ starts off compositionally similar to Burzum’s material on Daudi Baldrs but thematically much different, with fair amounts of unstructured industrial noise elements. These sounds are blended with tact, creating a compelling if abrasive interlude. The rest of the track is also similar to Burzum, this time bearing a resemblance to Det Som Engang Var, but simpler and murkier. The vocals are shrill and penetrating in much the same vein as Bilskirnir, contributing immensely to the uncomfortable, confused feeling the entire split provides and alerting the listener that neither side is intended to lull us to sleep. Wisely, these vocals are not featured prominently in the mix of this track or ‘Goetie’, a continuation of the previous sound toward a heavier, Doom-styled approach. The Prurient side is a 30-minute ambient opus that compliments Akitsa brilliantly, and is the gold nugget on this split. Violent harsh noise combines with excerpts of classical violin to produce a distinct evolution throughout the piece. ‘Fossil’ steadily changes in texture, conjuring a dark collage and adroitly adding its own soundtrack. Ultimately, we are left in a different place than where we began. A highly visceral listen. This is a mature and well-balanced split, recommended to anyone interested in hearing two genres of music meld seamlessly.

Track list:
1. Akitsa -Terre Eternelle
2. Akitsa -Goetie
3. Prurient -Fossil

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Blasphemous Underground Productions

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