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Alabama Thunderpussy – River City Revival [original]


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An outrageous, over-the-top name like Alabama Thunderpussy can either work to a band's advantage or disadvantage. Some of the more squeamish club owners and might shy away from a act whose name includes the ‘p word’, while others who hear that name are bound to be curious and wonder what ‘River City Revival’ sounds like. Gratefully, ATP has some worthwhile alternative metal to go with its amusing name. Forceful, brutal, and blistering, ‘River City Revival’ fits right in with the alternative metal climate of the late '90s — this is hardly an album that can be accused of having a lot of slickness or pop gloss. However, many of ATP's songs are more groove-minded than what a lot of heavy rockers were providing in the 1990s — tunes like ‘Own Worst Enemy’, ‘Heathen’, and ‘Dryspell’ have the type of catchy riffs and power chords that pull the listener in right away. Instead of being angular, this band goes for immediacy and knows the value of a decent hook. Original Mans Ruin release Track listing: 1. Dryspell 2. Spineless 3. Heathen 4. Mosquito 5. Giving Upon Living 6. Own Worst Enemy 7. Rocking Is My Business

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