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Alastor -Zlo MC


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Official and original Polish cassette. Clear black cassette with white text.

Alastor is a Polish thrash metal band from Kutno, which was founded in 1986 and disbanded in 1997 after just three full length studio albums before being reunited in 2002. However lets go back to the beginning. Their debut album Syndroms Of The Cities was released in 1989 on Italian label Metalmaster and on cassette only in Poland on the Polish label POLmusic. The band then signed a contract with the bigger Polish label Metal Mind Production and started the recording of their second album Przeznaczenie in 1989, however the band parted ways with their label and their second album was shelved. In August of 1993 the band took part of a music contest at Jarocin and they wont. The price was to have an album released on the Warsaw based metal label Loud Out Records. So the band went into the Radio Lodz studion in September and October of 1993 to record a new album that would be released on cd and cassette in Poland only in 1994. The title of the album was Zlo (Evil). After that the band lost their guitarist Waldemar Osiecki and recorded their third album Zyj Gnij I Milcz as a quartet before breaking up. So if youre into thrash metal sounding like American bands like Wrath or Toxik then check out Alastor

Track list:
1. Zlo
2. Nieprawdopodobne
3. Psychosis
4. Dokad
5. Bez Powrotu
6. Homo
7. Idz
8. Fuck
9. Gehenna
10. Odpowiedz Im

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Loud Out Records

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L.O.R. 115-94

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