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Alice Cooper -Lace And Whiskey lp [brown]


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American 2018 re-issue on whiskey brown vinyl.

As the rock n roll that made him famous began to grow stale, Alice Cooper found himself desperately trying to revive that fad with ‘Lace And Whiskey’. There are no shocking songs here – Alice tried something new with this Mickey Spellane novel motif. With Alice wearing white shirt, tie and a black fedora, loading what seems like a 38 revolver, with an unfiltered cigarette in his mouth it definitely makes him look very much like a bad ass. This album is highly underrated and it definitely isn’t as horrible as many critics have claimed it to be. Alright, something feels missing from the Lace and Whiskey album, and maybe it’s the shocking songs and that creepy atmosphere but Alice has made it up with some strong song writing. The title song has a really good verse melody and chorus, ‘Road Rats’ and ‘King of the Silver Screen’ are both filled with energy and catchy vocals, and ‘Damned If I Do’ recalls the classic years of stuff like ‘Under My Wheels’ and ‘Muscle of Love’. The top 20 hit ‘You And Me’ is just beautiful, and the final track called ‘My God’ reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Debbie Denise’. ‘(No More) Love at Your Convenience’ is a nice taste of disco. Say what you want about it, but Alice knew how to make a good melody out of a disco tune. The critics might have called it mediocre but I cant say that much bad about it. All these Cooper albums from the 70’s appeal so much to me

Track list:
1. Its Hot Tonight
2. Lace And Whiskey
3. Road Rats
4. Damned If You Do
5. You And Me
6. King Of The Silver Screen
7. Unbangi Stomp
8. (No More) Love At Your Convenience
9. I Never Wrote Those Songs
10. My God

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Warner Brothers / Rhino Entertainment

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RCV1 3027

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