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Alice Cooper –The Nightmare Returns vhs


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Official European PAL version

Capturing all the energy from his Detroit concert in 1986, The Nightmare Returns is a spectacular showcase of entertaining thrills. Yes, fans will be glad to know that all the classic songs and trademarks are here, from the straitjacket escape in Ballad Of Dwight Fry to the use of a boa constrictor in Be My Lover. However, the video does have its flaws — Alice Cooper’s vocals are surprisingly out of tune and can be pretty annoying. The crew also has a hard time staying out of the way, and unfortunately the fantasy of the show is often ruined because a staff member gets in the way of the camera. It is still a fine release, however, and the guillotine trick never looked better. There are even some new tricks in the master’s bag, including a camera man’s murder using a microphone stand and Cooper making his own version of Frankenstein come alive. Better than both the concert video of Welcome To My Nightmare and 1990’s Trashes The World, this release will please Cooper’s fans.

Track list:
1. Welcome To My Nightmare
2. Billion Dollar Babies
3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. be My Lover
5. I’m Eighteen
6. The World Needs Guts
7. Give It Up
8. Cold Ethyl
9. Only Women Bleed
10. Go To Hell
11. The Ballad Of Dwight Fry
12. Teenage Frankenstein
13. Sick Things
14. I Love The Dead
15. School’s Out
16. Elected
17. Under My Wheels

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