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Alien Force – Hell And High Water


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Danish act Alien Force was formed in Osterbro, Copenhagen in Denmark in 1984 and their debut vinyl ‘Hell And High Water’ was released in 1985 by Telaeg records in only 500 copies. The album were sold out in only 2 months but during that time the label went bankrupt so instead of finding a new label that wanted to re-press the debut the band concentrated all their work on their second album ‘Pain And Pleasure’. This is lovely Danish 80’s sounding heavy metal with solid musicianship and strong vocalist. If you like bands like Priest, Saxon and Rainbow or any other old school heavy metal act then this is for you. This is Danish steel of the highest quality. This cd re-issue features 5 bonus tracks taken from the Zeyking 1982 demo. Zeyking was the pre-Alien Force band Track listing: 1. To You 2. Get It Out 3. Ripper 4. Nervous 5. Fly Away 6. Stranger 7. Night Of Glory 8. Hell And High Water 9. Time Is Out 10. Hell And High Water-demo 82 11. Do It All The Way-demo 82 12. And I Knew-demo 82 13. Fell The War-demo 82 14. Halfway To Heaven-demo 82

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