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All For The King -S/t lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 600 copies

All For The King’ was formed in 2016 by Erik Tilling and Ricard Hulteke who found each other by way of forums and discussions on Facebook where they expressed similar views on issues regarding God, the Bible, faith, the church and Christianity in general. They spoke about this and decided to meet and it was during this meeting that Erik presented some musical ideas to Ricard, who’s jaw dropped when he heard the riffs that Erik had created. Ricard added melody and they decided on lyrics and recorded the three first songs; Rules Of Love, The Old Man and Never Back Down. After that Erik and Ricard contacted bass virtuoso extraordinaire Johan Tjernström who added the depth and heavy bass that was needed. Olof Gardestrand contributed on the first three songs with open, heavy rhythms but never decided to be in the band. In January of 2017, heavy rock drummer Richard Tonyson took over the drum throne. Their self titled album was released in 2017 and Journalist Mikael Good described the album in the following way: In spite of a high average age of a debut band, it does not feel funky and old, but young and vital. With their routine and joy, they can easily play both the shirt and the tie of many younger bands. Erik Tilling… plays with a lot of pondus, delivering one heavy guitar riff after another… I think of riff champion Tony Iommi when I hear him play. But Erik does not plagiarize without finding his own personal expression and style. The singer Ricard Hulteke delivers the songs with his entire registry. He has his roots in soul, gospel, and praise, and is also a singer in the critically acclaimed hard rock band Empire 21. Although Ricard began singing hard rock late in life, he has already emerged as one of the best. Overall this has a hard and heavy classic rock sound; with smooth, commercial radio quality choruses, catchy hooks, and timely leads that don’t digress from the tempo of the tunes. The b and is destined to carry on in the tradition set by legends in the industry of Christian music, like Joshua Perahia, CJ Grimmark, Narnia, Sacred Warrior, Rob Rock III, and Recon.

Track list:
1. I Am God
2. The Old Man
3. I Belong To You
4. Never Back Down
5. Not Ashamed
6. Rules Of Love
7. Alive
8. Going Blind
9. All For The King
10. Salt Of The Earth

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