The Almighty -All Sussed Out 7″ [clear]



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Clear vinyl with insert

Now it’s a wonderful world of destiny
New confrontations everyday
We’ve got the best control that money can buy
But we still seem to lose it anyway

All Sussed Out was the first single to be released from The Almightys fifth studio album Just Add Life in 1996. When the band began their career the band was a full-blown metallic machine with loud guitars, harsh vocals and some melody thrown in for good measure. This single shows a new side to the band. The sound has somewhat been drained of their loudness and metallic overtones. The single track is an oddity and i much prefer the punkier B-side Everybodys Burning as this is what The Almighty was for me, tight melodic guitars jam packed with catchy vocals. This B-side is exclusive for this single.

Track listing:
1. All Sussed Out
2. Everybodys Burning

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Chrysalis Records

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CHS 5030 / 8826427 / 7243 8 82642 7 3