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Alphakill ‎–Unmitigated Disaster cd


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Every now and then theres a debut album that really shakes the ground. The debut offering from Winnipeg, Canada’s thrash act Alphakill is really one of the most interesting albums the thrash metal genre has produced in years. This is a band that eats and breathe old-school thrash metal and doesnt hide their influences. Then they have added a progressive technical touch to their crunchy and meaty guitar riffs. Fans of Bay Area thrash from the 80s should look no further. Speed, complexity and a vocalist that really has a voice that fits the music. Nothing will ever beat your favourite albums from the 80s and the thrash genre has been booming with new acts the last couple of years and several of the new bands has produced one or two really goods albums, but when it comes to Alphakill they really nailed from the start. The future of this band really needs to be watched closely

Track list:
1. Thrash Eternal
2. Let Me Die
3. Corrupted Masses
4. Unmitigated Disaster
5. Threat From Within
6. Rebellion
7. Becoming The Alpha
8. The Age Of The Debt Slaves
9. Skullcrushery

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