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Altar (hol) – In The Name Of The Father


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Altar was getting mellower with their fourth album and they took a more thrash metal turn. Their blasphemous anger was being redirected to societal criticism. We can thank the local Christian political party in Altar's hometown; in a bid for popularity among the Christian voters they prevented an Altar show, in spite of the fact Altar had moved away from the blasphemous lyrics. With the Christian trying to stop the band it just pissed them off even more. To quote the song 'God damn you': "You asked for it – you've done it again / You made me loose my control". From the moment the openings sample from Conan the Barbarian ends (the part where Conan kills a priest for his robe nearing the temple) the face-smashing brutality is let loose, and there isn't a moment of doubt towards which this truly hateful death metal is directed. It's aggressive, fast, and unrelenting, yet just varied enough to keep interest until the last song. One of the elements that characterized Altar's sound were the vocals which were grunted screams instead of screamed grunts. Now they seem to be bellowed out at the top of his lungs with all of the vocalist's might. This is highly recommended for people who like brutal aggressive death metal which leans more towards thrash like mid-era Gorefest and Blo.Torch than towards guttural death metal like Demilich and Morbid Angel. Track listing: 1. Holy Mask 2. Spunk 3. God Damn You 4. In The Name Of The Father 5. I Spit Black Bile On You 6. Hate Scenario 7. Pro Jagd 8. Walhalla Express 9. In Our Dominion

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