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Black vinyl with lyric insert

Altar Of Oblivion’s 2017 album Barren Grounds opens with a somber tune and a melancholic voice. At first I was wary but time and time again, Doom Metal proves me wrong. As soon as the main riff hit I was sold. The vocals fit perfectly, in fact everything here works together great. The solos are sick, the riffs are both heavy and catchy, the rhythm section chugs along like a hell-bent funeral procession. It’s a rich, deep, solemn sound that bewitches the listener. Since its inception with Black Sabbath and Pentagram that helped lay the groundwork, Doom Metal has been filled with ominous lyricism. Altar Of Oblivion follows in that vein with dark topics and great choruses. Fans of Doom Metal are going to want to grab this one. It’s definitely reminiscent of stuff like Candlemass or St.Vitus. This is a mournful, almost phantasmal voyage. This band have released a group of songs that encapsulate feelings of solitude and despair, it’s a head banger’s trip through negativity. It’s a ride worth taking.

Track list:
1. State Of Decay
2. Serenity
3. Barren Grounds
4. Lost
5. State Of Decay-live
6. Desert Night Sky

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Journey's End Records

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