Altar Of Oblivion ‎–Grand Gesture Of Defiance lp



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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and lyric insert. Limited 400 copies

Altar Of Oblivion is by far the very best Heavy Metal band to come out of Denmark since Mercyful Fate. I wouldn’t say they sound like Mercyful Fate all that much apart from their very acrobatic / theatrical vocalist that has a King Diamond-esque style. If you’re looking for an emotional Heavy Metal ride, look no further than this band, they reach for the sky and touch the soul on so many different levels. The style is still very similar to their first album which is a blend of Doom Metal like Candlemass and catchy machine gun riffing with big choruses and memorable songs. Old fans will not be disappointed, new fans will be floored. Altar Of Oblivion deliver another masterpiece.

Track listing:
1. Where Darkness Is Light
2. The Graveyard Of Broken Dreams
3. In The Shadow Of The Gallows
4. The Smoke-Filled Room
5. Sentenced In Absentia
6. Final Perfection

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Journey's End Records

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