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Amon Amarth ‎–Guardians Of Asgaard shape


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Shaped picture disc with inlay. Limited 666 numbered copies

The two tracks on this shaped picture disc was taken from Amon Amarths 2008 album Twilight Of The Thunder God. The A-side comes with such a powerful and bombarding riffs and Johan Heggs roar fills the track awesome and then we have Entombed A.D vocalist L-G Petrov helping out on the chorus. This track as well as the B-side, Embrace Of The Endless Ocean, helped solidify Amon Amarth among the elite of metaldom, cleaving a path for heathen banners to fly and Mjolners to be held high. With good reason, too.

Track list:
1. Guardians Of Asgaard
2. Embrace Of The Endless Ocean

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