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Amorphis – Far From The Sun


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Listeners who found Am Universum too indulgent and jazzy will be happy to find that Far From the Sun is a streamlined rocker in comparison. At their best, Amorphis have carved great, twisting metallic riffs from the building blocks of Finnish folk melodies, and that continues here with standouts like "Planetary Misfortune," "Far From the Sun," and "Higher Ground." Yet as Amorphis drift further from their frenzied death metal roots and closer to mainstream hard rock, a trajectory they fully succeeded with on Elegy and less so on Tuonela and Am Universum, they lose the searching momentum that made their albums, if not always satisfying, at least intriguing. Previous high watermarks — the pitch-black death of Karelian Isthmus; the heavy, doom-laden classic Tales From the Thousand Lakes; and even the progressive, keyboard-driven polish of Elegy — were all signs of growth, expanding the definition of what Amorphis could tackle as a band. Far From the Sun, as well-executed and crafted as it may be, is another step toward a familiar middle. Track listing: 1. Day Of Your Beliefs 2. Planetary Misfortune 3. Evil Inside 4. Mourning Soil 5. Far From The Sun 6. Ethereal Solitude 7. Killing Goodness 8. God Of Deception 9. Higher Ground 10. Smithereens

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