Amputator -Bloodvomit Fistfuck lp



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Black vinyl with two bonus tracks and lyric insert. Limited 300 copies

This infernal duo from West Warwick, Rhode Island offers some surprisingly fresh and fierce black thrash in the vein of Angelcorpse, early Impiety, even Hellhammer. In March of 2008 they released their Bloodvomit fistfuck demo. If you have hard Amputator before and want more than this is definitely worth to buy. Its varied, thick, blasting, and demonic. The band also performs a cover version of the old Autopsy classic Fiend For Blood.

Track listing:
1. Plague Despots
2. Nuclear Hate Desecration
3. Abomination Deathfuck
4. Fiend for Blood-Autopsy cover
5. Nuclear Fucking Deathcult
6. Barbaric Hell Eviscaration
7. Rape Kill Annihilate

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Supremacy Through Intolerance

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