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Anachronaeon -Everyday Chronicles cd


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All journeys have an end…

There are many bands out there that have passed their expiration date. There are several reasons for this, and I am not judging, I am just stating a fact. Whether they are fueled by different parts of passion for music, validation of the self, social constructions, money, fame, or shared ideas of what music is really about, a machine as a band cannot function without fuel. Or purpose. When a machine like Anachronaeon, which is a product of passion alone, finds that the main operator don’t feel motivated to develop its functions anymore regardless of factors like fame, money etc (which we never really had, and never was a factor for the existence of the band), it seems only sensible to put it in a museum once and for all. Fact is that I have lived and breathed Anachronaeon for many years together with Andreas (started playing together in 2000, as Anachronaeon since 2003), but also now with Balk and Kenneth. I have always been the supplier of material. Writing songs and the creative process within this was always the main thing that made me return to the guitar. I was never keen on playing songs written by others, or touring for that matter. Anachronaeon’s sparse live career is a sign of that. Truthfully it’s been a long time since I played the guitar just for the fun of it. And for a band that only has passion as fuel, ultimately it has come to an end. I am proud as hell of the songs on this album. They are a product of hard work and determination. It was like a second job writing them, since I took every wednesday off from work for a time to make them happen. I certainly do not regret this. The songs are in my opinion the best I have written, and the production (mainly thanks to Balk) is the best we have ever had on an album. But I could never repeat this procedure again. Because the fun in the equation was lost somewhere along the way. When I thought about quitting a while back now, it suddenly felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. No matter how hard it was to tell the guys (especially Andreas, given our long history as a duo), it felt right! Now I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but for me it really is a huge thing, and surely I had doubts back and forth for short periods of time making this decision. I don’t know if I will pick up the guitar again somewhere along the line, but if I do I’m gonna do it because I want to and because it feels like fun! Since I usually write everything Balk, Andreas and Kenneth will not continue with Anachronaeon, but I bet that they will keep on playing music in some constellation. We decided to complete the album and go out with a bang. So, we would like to thank you for supporting us! Spread this album far and wide, share it with friends and enjoy it! This is our final request. /Patrik Karlsson

Track list:
1. Denial-Card
2. Within Fairytales
3. Relief
4. The Shadow In The Burning Sunset
5. Vampire
6. Under The Wintersun
7. Cog
8. Scalpel-God
9. Open Road
10. Ashes In Your Mouth

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