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Ancient – Det Glemte Riket


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Reissue in digipack Ancient is a Norwegian black metal formed in 1992 and at the beginning they had a raw black metal sound, similar to Darkthrone's works, then they moved towards a more Nordic/atmospheric black metal sound, akin to Emperor and then they added gothic-style instruments such as violins, female vocals, and synthesizers to their music. ‘Det Glemte Riket’ is a collection album of old 'hard-to-get' songs. It include the 'Trolltaar' mini cd, the 'Det Glemte Riket' 7" ep and three unreleased songs of which one is on ‘Svartalvheim’ album, and one is a keyboard instrumental. This is just early material when Ancient was pure black metal so depending on which Ancient you love this might be for you Track listing: 1. Trolltar 2. Nattens Skjonnhet 3. Det Glemte Riket 4. Huldra Dans 5. Paa Evig Vandring 6. Fjellets Hemmelighet 7. Algol 8. Sweet Leaf

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