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Ancient –Night Visit lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 350 numbered copies

The decline of Ancient took an abrupt stop when the band was put dormant for a decade after this album, Night Visit, in 2004. The previous album Proxima Centauri wasnt that well received and it feels like the band are a bit uncertain on Night Visit, like they dont know if they should continue being a weak Cradle Of Filth impression or become the next Agathodaimon. Like the German band, the album features plenty of mid-tempo tracks thats bordering on becoming a bit progressive. But whats clear is that the band have significantly matured when it comes to music writing: the riffage became more agressive, partly because of the second guitar in the face of Aleister and the drumwork is remarkable also. You can still hear them experiment with heavy-metal-like riffage but most of the album is definitely melodic black metal, with no gothic gimmiks this time. Which means they sound more like Dimmu Borgir than Cradle Of Filth. So this album was a step up and the band no longer sound like cheap copycats but instead it feels like they were on their way to find their own style but the fans were no longer there and the market didnt care about a new Ancient album. It would take 12 years until the world finally would see a new Ancient album but thats a another story

Track list:
1. Envision The Beast
2. Rape The Children Of Abel
3. Horroble
4. Night Visit
5. Lycanthropy
6. Night Of The Stygian Souls
7. Fuel The Flames
8. The Truth Unveiled
9. The Arctic Mirage
10. Out In The Haunted Woods

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