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Ancient -Proxima Centauri lp [orange]


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Orange vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 350 numbered copies

Norwegian black metal combo that in the early years produced some great and original black metal then headed into a full blown vampyric theatrical copycat act of Cradle Of Filth with orchestrations and female vocals. Early into the new millennium the band realized thy needed to progress again and try to make an album that would blend the best pieces of the old and the new. Alot of the overblown symphonic elements were removed while their style of black metal still were melodic. The end result is an acceptable compromise, far from the musical top of their career but also far from their most dreadful years. So in that respective it feels more like a welcomed step back and an interesting album. If you wrote this band off after the Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends album then I urge you to check out tracks such as On Blackest Wings or Eyes Of The Dead. They reflect the malicious essence of Proxima Centauri in the most impressive manner. I hope these tracks will make you find your way back to this band.

Track list:
1. A Lurking Threat
2. Proxima Centauri
3. The Ancient Horadrim
4. In The Abyss Of The Cursed Souls
5. The Witch
6. Apophis
7. Satans Children
8. Beyond The Realms Of Insanity
9. Audrina, My Sweet
10. On Blackest Wings
11. Eyes Of The Dead
12. Incarnating The Malignant Deity

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