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Ancient – The Halls Of Eternity


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Ancient's brand of Viking black metal is more accessible than most, and the group has steadily progressed with each new album. Halls of Eternity is up to the same high standard of its predecessor, Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends, blending orchestrations and female vocals with busy percussion and bleak, spooky metal guitar riffs. However, this time around, the level of aggression has been picked up substantially, which gives Halls of Eternity an overall flavor distinct from the band's other releases. Track listing: 1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Depths 2. Born In Flames 3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors 4. A Woeful Summoning 5. Cosmic Exile 6. Spiritual Supremacy 7. The Heritage 8. I, Madman 9. From Behind Comes The Sword 10. The Halls Of Eternity 11. Arrival

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