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Angel Dust – Border Of Reality


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Originally released in Europe in 1998, this comeback effort from Germany's Angel Dust was put together almost a decade after the group disbanded in the '80s. While the band's previous work had a distinctly thrash sensibility, Border of Reality set the group on a more modern power metal course that paradoxically harkened back to the classic days of early-'80s European metal. Guitar riffs and verse sections reminiscent of Accept often give way on Border of Reality to expansive chorus melodies that fans of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden will find familiar, but not completely derivative. Song highlights include the speedy "Centuries" and "Spotlight Kid" along with more melodic offerings like "Nightmare" and the record's opening title track. The progressive "Behind the Mirror" is another standout that provides an impressive musical break. A powerful effort, Border of Reality is one of the more surprising metal offerings of the '90s. Track listing: 1. Border Of Reality 2. No More Faith 3. Nightmare 4. Centuries 5. When I Die 6. Where The Wind Blows 7. Spotlight Kid 8. Behind The Mirror 9. Coming Home 10. Same Eyes

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