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Angel Dust – Enlighten The Darkness


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Angel Dust bounced back from the lackluster Bleed on their 2000 Century Media release Enlighten the Darkness. The Germanic power metal of vocalist Dirk Thurisch, guitarist Bernd Aufermann, keyboardist Steven Banx, drummer Dirk Assmuth, and bassist Frank Banx rises from the creative nadir of Bleed — calling the superior Border of Reality to mind. Hardly a reconstitution of prior recordings, Enlighten the Darkness is a well-conceived and -executed concept record. The horrors of war are examined lyrically through the perspective of a soldier on the front. While the overwrought imagery one would expect from this kind of effort is present, the band keeps their pretentious leanings in check. Highlights include "Come Into Resistance," "The One You Are," and "Let Me Live." Each number employs tight arrangements and impeccable guitar/vocal work. The record could do without a couple of the unremarkable ballads, but outside of this small transgression, Angel Dust presents a flawless performance on Enlighten the Darkness. Track listing: 1. Let Me Live 2. The One You Are 3. Enjoy! 4. Fly Away 5. Come Into Resistance 6. Beneath The Silence 7. Still I'm Bleeding 8. I Need You 9. First In Line 10. Cross Of Hatred 11. Oceans Of Tomorrow

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