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Angers Curse -S/t cd


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Angers Curse second album was put together at the Soundlab Studios and with the help of Mathias Farm, of Millencollin fame, the band has managed to combined weight with speed and aggressiveness. Matthias has taken the experience he has by working with acts like Disfear, Victms and Nasum to try to strengthen the sound that Angers Curse had on their debut album, Tighten The Screws. The final product is even more uncompromising and sets a completely new standard for Swedish hardcore. The album also features guest appearance by David Sandstrom (Final Exit and Refused) who takes the microphone and delivers his parts in the same spirit as when he was recording with Final Exit.

Track listing:
1. Turn Your Back
2. Dead City
3. Pressure
4. Trouble Always Finds Me
5. The Fabulist
6. Inside Your Head
7. On Solid Ground
8. No Love For Me
9. Days Of Desperation
10. A Thousand Times
11. Cruel World
12. My Life, My Choice

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World Vs Cometh / Gaphals Records

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WORLD003 / GAP045