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Angra – Hunters And Prey


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After the huge success of the new line-up on the album ‘Rebirth’ and many concerts worldwide, Angra decided to give a gift to the fans. And this gift comes as an EP named 'Hunters and Prey'. It was launched just 7 months after the release of Rebirth. It has 4 new songs, a cover, 2 acoustic songs and a video as an interactive track. The first new song is 'Live and Learn'! It's a typical Angra song! It's fast, melodic, heavy and with a mind-blowing band performance! It starts with a great riff and then gets in the way we all like! Edu Falaschi's voice here is great, especially on the refrain! The solo in the middle of the song is jaw-dropping with Aquiles Priester's drums kicking some serious ass and some epic choirs giving an especial felling to the stuff. The second one is a nice and beautiful ballad called "Bleeding Heart' which had been already released as a bonus track in the Japanese version of Rebirth. It's a song composed by the singer Edu, very emotional and full of felling. The third new song it's very interesting. 'Hunters and Prey' is a mix of heavy metal with a Brazilian felling especially because of the percussions. It begins with a riff made with a latin atmosphere and after the drums come up you realize it's a melodic metal band. Then we have the fourth and last new song called 'Eyes of Christ'. It starts with an arrangement made by the guitars and keyboards. I would say it's a mix of melodic metal with hard metal and Edu shows us a great performance with clean voices, agressive high tones and vibratos. Now we have an acoustic version of the song Rebirth from the last album. It follows the original song step by step but, of course, in an acoustic and softer way. Here it's shorter as the original song has a fast part during the solos with fast double-bass drums. Here they make a solo in that part and then come back to the refrain once again. It is followed by another acoustic track and its ‘Heroes of Sand’ also from the last album. They follow the original song as well step by step with no differences, except the fact they are using acoustic guitars, soft drums and Edu is singing in a calm and clean way. The last song is called 'Caça e Caçador' which is nothing more than 'Hunters and Prey' with Portuguese lyrics. The song is just the same, with no big differences. But they were clever enough to put some new additions, the mixing sounds a bit different too and the lyrics are in Portuguese. In my opinion this Portuguese version is much better than the English one. Especially because Edu's vocals. Track listing: 1. Live And Learn 2. Bleeding Heart 3. Hunters And Prey 4. Eyes Of Christ 5. Rebirth (Acoustic version) 6. Heroes Of Sand (Acoustic version) 7. Mama 8. Hunters And Prey (Portuguese version)

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