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Anguish ‎–Mountain cd


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Anguish from Uppsala, Sweden returned in 2014 with their second album, Mountain, which saw the band expanding upon their oppressive brand of doom metal. This follow-up of 2012’s Through The Archdemon’s Head, is stripped down from its predecessor, clocking in at 48 minutes (8 tracks) but injects more variation. Music wise, it’s all very slow down tuned guitars and high-pitched growls. It sounds like a slowed down black metal record to be honest. The track Makarian Furnace will hit you like a ton of bricks with riffs that are sheer Candlemass worship. This is a slow and somber track that combines slow riffing with J.Dee’s harsh vocals. And while were at it, then its worth mentioning that J.Dee’s voice might be the one thing that will get you to judge this album as a hit or a miss. Sometimes he sounds like Pelle Åhman of In Solitude while at other times its reminiscent of the mighty Thomas G. Fischer of Triptykon and Celtic Frost fame. This sounds great doesn’t it? Well it fits the music quite well but at times it feels for me like his voice is a bit to harsh to make it feel like a pure doom album, so fans of old school doom like Procession, Candlemass, Trouble, Isole, Griftegard and Saint Vitus and so one might find this a bit to much, while fans who doesn’t mind slow and heavy music that are more extreme like really heavy black or death might feel that this is the extra spice they need.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Makarian Furnace
3. Stir Up The Demon
4. Master Of Peak’s Fall
5. Decomposer Of Planets
6. The Woven Shield
7. Void
8. Snowhammer

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