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Annihilator – Refresh The Demon


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‘Refresh the Demon’ is the successor to the great ‘King of the Kill’ and was written and recorded (again) by Jeff Waters only. The ingredients are mostly the same, except for a greater amount of Thrash riffs and far less vocal oriented songwriting. The album kicks off with one of Annihilator's concert staples: ‘Refresh the Demon’. Definitely one of the strongest Annihilator title tracks and even better than the one on ‘King of the Kill’. The melodic break is dead on and fits perfectly. Awesome soloing and high speed rhythms dominate the song. You can't go wrong with it. Overall, ‘Refresh the Demon’ continues with the style presented on ‘King of the Kill’ but incorporate more thrash and more effective songwriting. 2002 remastered re-issue with 2 bonus tracks, liner notes, unseen photos Track listing: 1. Refresh The Demon 2. Syn. Kill 1 3. Awaken 4. The Pastor Of Disaster 5. A Man Called Nothing 6. Ultraparanoia 7. City Of Ice 8. Anything For Money 9. Hunger 10. Voices And Victims 11. Innocent Eyes 12. The Box 13. Riff Raff

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