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Antropomorphia -Evangelium Nekromantia lp [marbled]


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Reduced price due to hype sticker on plastic sleeve being a bit damaged

Purple marbled vinyl (Viole(n)t) with gatefold cover and poster. Limited 200 copies

The dutch death metal act Antropomorphia was formed in 1989 and they released a bunch of demos back then as well as their debut album, Pure, in 1998 before chaning namen and direction. Then in 2009 the band returned and made an impact on the extreme metal scene especially through the band’s acclaimed 2012 second album Evangelivm Nekromantia. The Antropomorphia unholy trinity consists of Ferry Damen (vocals and guitar), Marco Stubbe (drums) and Marc van Stiphout (bass) and best I can describe their sound is to say that vocally it reminds me of Mikael Åkerfeldt during his stint with Bloodbath and a somewhat watered down version of Oracles-era Tommaso Riccard of Fleshgod Apocalypse. To counter the overtly cynical lashing, Evangelivm Nekromantia shows glimmers of a slaughter machine in the making. Psuchagogia sums up the depraved elements of Antropomorphia with startling guitar work and ferocious violence; it’s pretty much Antropomorphia’s perfect storm. The title track ends the opus on a somber note, using an eerie clean guitar to slowly lead the listener out of Antropomorphia’s macabre vulgarity.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Nekrophilian Mass
3. The Mourned And The Macabre
4. Debauchery In Putrefaction
5. Anointment By Sin
6. Fleisch
7. Impure Desecration
8. Psuchagogia
9. Nekrosophia
10. Evangelivm Nekromantia

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