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Anvil – Back To Basics


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When Anvil decided to call this 2004 release Back to Basics, they weren't just being rhetorical. Some of Anvil's late-'90s releases found the veteran headbangers trying to change with the times and experiment with alternative metal, but 2001's Plenty of Power marked a stylistic return to the Anvil of the early '80s — and the Canadians continue in that back-to-our-roots vein on Back to Basics. By getting away from alt-metal trends, Anvil risks being accused of having a dated sound. But what is dated to some is classic to others, and admirers of Anvil's early albums will crave the melodic yet hard-hitting attack of tunes like "The Chainsaw," "Bottom Feeder" and "Fuel for the Fire." This album isn't the least bit groundbreaking by 2004 standards — Back to Basics doesn't pretend to go after fans of Korn, Mushroomhead, Sevendust or Nothingface — but that doesn't make the disc any less appealing. Stylistically, Back to Basics is best described as power metal with hints of very early speed metal at times; Judas Priest and Ronnie James Dio are influences, and so is Motörhead (which was arguably the first thrash metal/speed metal band). One can think of Back to Basics as Anvil's 26th anniversary CD; the band was formed in 1978, and this release demonstrates that Anvil can still be exciting after more than a quarter of a century. Back to Basics falls short of essential and isn't quite in a class with Anvil's best early-'80s output, but it's a decent, respectable outing that the group's longtime followers will appreciate. Limited first press with bonus dvd recorded live at Wacken 1998 Track listing: 1. Fuel For The Fire 2. Keep It Up 3. Song Of Pain 4. You Get What You Pay For 5. The Chainsaw 6. Can't Catch Me (When My Pants Are Down) 7. Go Away 8. Bottom Feeder 9. Cruel World 10. Fast Driver DVD live at wacken 1998. 1. Five knuckle shuffle 2. Smoking green 3. Old school 4. Winged assassins 5. Forged in fire 6. March of the crabs 7. Metal on metal 8. 666 9. Mothra

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