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Anvil – Plenty Of Power


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After the group became increasingly heavy with each of their late-'90s releases, they decided to pull in the reigns just a touch on Plenty of Power and deliver a more classic metal record that fans of the group's only notable recordings from the early '80s might enjoy. These differences are pretty subtle, however, and like every Anvil release after 1983's Forged in Fire, this 20th anniversary recording could only be fully appreciated by dedicated fans of the band. The third Anvil effort to feature the lineup of Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (guitars/vocals), Robb Reiner (drums), Ivan Hurd (guitars), and Glenn Five on bass, Plenty of Power reveals a group of musicians who have settled nicely into their musical roles and classic metal roots. Previous offerings by this line-up had the band half-attempting to keep up with the ultimate heaviness of certain '90s nu-metal practitioners, but the group appears to have found themselves on Plenty of Power. The record features crisp guitar riffs and sometimes humorous, sometimes ridiculous lyrics, which are to be expected from Kudlow. Overall the performances are well defined and technically admirable, while the material is memorable enough. Having been at it for so many years, Anvil wasn't about to surprise anyone. Stated simply, it is what it is. There is something to be said for staying within one's self, and as a unit, that's what Anvil managed to do for over two decades. Although their music might have stopped being fashionable a couple years into their career, the band stayed true to themselves and enjoyed a respectable run because of it. Plenty of Power is illustrative of this musical modesty and self-knowledge. Track listing: 1. Plenty Of Power 2. Groove Science 3. Ball Of Fire 4. The Creep 5. Computer Drone 6. Beat The Law Pro Wrestling 7. Siren Of The Sea 8. Disgruntled 9. Real Metal 10. Left Behind

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