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Anvil – Still Going Strong


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‘Still Going Strong’ is essentially a power-thrash album, with a free-wheeling, Motorhead-like attitude at places. The sound is massive and raw, one of the most effective production jobs I heard in a while. It may sound messy at first, but fits perfectly the alcohol-laden feeling of the album and adds a lot of power, especially the crashing snare drum sound. The first two tracks are tremendous – Amercian power-thrash at its best. ‘Race Against Time’ has a distinct acceleration effect, the band simply plays faster and faster, up to extremely fast. ‘In Hell’ has a very simplistic, mid-tempo main riff which seems to pound the listener to the ground by its sheer heaviness. Both are brilliant songs. The title track is a welcome variation, with a tongue-in-cheek rock’n’roll vibe. The next cuts aren’t as good in terms of songwriting, but work fine due to their intensity. The band, instead of finesse, offers a lot of thrashing fury, and that’s perfectly fine. Their long experience shines bright through the adept playing – the blistering guitar solos, for instance. The album features also an extended, five-minute long drum solo. After 25 years in business, the Canadian metallers rock harder then ever. Fans of pure, no-frills heavy metal will like this album. For others it may serve as a party album. Track listing: 1. Race Against Time 2. In Hell 3. Holy Wood 4. Still Going Strong 5. Don't Ask Me 6. Waiting 7. White Rhino 8. What I'm About 9. Sativa 10. Defiant

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