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Apocalyptica –Dynamo Open Air 1999 cd


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The Finnish cello-playing four piece Apocalyptica, understand that metal music is the real key. Their attention to detail and their technically flawless performance will no doubt satisfy even the most skeptical fan. In this performance from Landgoed Gulbergen, Nuenen, Netherlands on the 23rd of May during the 1999 edition of Dynamo Open Air find the band performing six epic tracks from their masterpiece album Inquisition Symphony (4 of them being covers). Who would have thought back then that this band would go on and sell over four million albums.

Track list:
1. For Whom the Bell Tolls-Metallica cover
2. M.B.
3. Harmageddon
4. Nothing Else Matters-Metallica cover
5. Refuse/Resist-Sepultura cover
6. Enter Sandman-Metallica cover

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Dynamo Concerts / F.R.E.T. Music

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