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Arch Enemy – Black Earth [original]


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Very rare original Wrong Again Release. Arch Enemy's debut album, Black Earth was recorded with the line-up of Michael and Christopher Amott on guitar, Johan Liiva on lead vocals and bass, and Daniel Erlandsson on drums. This is an album which keeps the slickness to a minimum on bare-knuckles thrash metal/death metal scorchers like ‘Idolatress’, ‘Transmigration Macabre’ and ‘Fields of Desolation’ (all of which show the influence of both Sepultura and Iron Maiden). Black Earth underscores thrash and death metal's debt to punk, but the power metal influence is quite evident as well, and for all their bombast, the tunes on this album are fairly hooky and relatively accessible. Of course, longtime followers of Arch Enemy will debate the merits of their early output versus what came later. Some headbangers prefer the gruff-voiced Liiva over his replacement Angela Gossow; others will counter that Gossow was an improvement over Liiva. At any rate, Black Earth was a promising debut for Arch Enemy and is among the Swedish combo's more consistent and memorable efforts. Track listing: 1. Bury Me An Angel 2. Dark Insanity 3. Eureka 4. Idolatress 5. Cosmic Retribution 6. Demoniality 7. Transmigration Macabre 8. Time Capsule 9. Fields of Desolation

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