Arckanum / Contamino -Split 7″



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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectable releases

Misspressed vinyl that was used for promotional purpose.

Back in 1994, just after the recording of the very first demo of the band, main member Shamaatae (ex-Grotesque) decided to continue on his own, getting more and more involved in Satanism (and eventually Chaos-Gnosticism) and wanting Arckanum to be a sole expression of his own. After the third album ‘Kampen’, Shamaatae released two eps. The first being the rare ‘Boka Um Kaos’ ep and the second one was this split ep with Swedish black metal act Contamino with whom Arckanum share background and label. The Arckanum track for this EP is a song called ‘Kosmos Wardhin Draepas Om Sin’ which features the trollish black metal with nature and Chao-Gnostic lyrics and beliefs that Arckanum have been known for.

The Contamino side opens with the short ‘Fallen One Arise’, a collage of contrasting moods compressed in less than two minutes: a classic blasting kick off, a more thrashy section and a slower finale. Komm. Richard’s vocals stray from the path of Black Metal shrieks, as the man uses very deep deathy grunts; even the guitars, despite the fuzzy sound, aren’t as trebly as most black metal releases. Next comes the title track, an uptempo riff feast with more thrashy drum patterns and buzzsaw guitars, this is the most memorable track of the lot. The EP closes with an ambient outro named ‘Enslavement’, which some might discard as unnecessary but actually grows on the listeners after a few spins with its sinister atmosphere that really fit’s the band’s apocalyptic war concepts. The ep as a whole is a solid release of a very interesting manifestation of the North European metal underground.

Track list:
1. Arckanum -Kosmos Wardhin Draepas Om Sin
2. Contamino -Fallen One Arise
3. Contamino -Emptiness Enthralls
4. Contamino -Enslavement-Outro

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Carnal Records

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CR 002

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