Arckanum -Kampen dlp [green splatter]



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2004 press. Double album on green/black splatter vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

Few bands are as committed to their subject matter as Sweden’s Arckanum, whose interest in the pagan ‘old ways’ of their Viking ancestors and open worship of the God Pan transcend mere curiosity towards sheer obsession. Going so far as to compose his dark musical invocations in ancient Swedish, Arckanum’s founder, Shamaatae first broke bread with elves and trolls in 1992, but only obtained a record deal with Necropolis Records two years later on the strength of the 15-song ‘Trulen’ demo. A proper debut, 1995’s Fran Marder (meaning ‘From The Forest’) followed, and its primitive black metal orchestrations provided a fitting background to Arckanum’s eccentric lyrical musings — as did conceptually continual follow-up efforts, 1997’s ‘Kostogher’ and 2000’s epic double disc ‘Kampen’. ‘Kampen’ proved to be yet another incomparable work of art from Shamaatae. Taken straight out of his soul which dwells deep inside the forests of eastern Sweden, not far from the Norwegian border, in an area inhabited by wolves, bears and the primal spirits of the woods. This album might not be close to the pure brilliance of ‘Kostogher’ but its still wonderful and unique. This recording is more art than music but cannot be consider anything else than pure black metal. The mix is dirty and raw and not as muffled and dark as on ‘Kostogher’. Pace and intensity is, as always, shifting all the time. Riffs and melodies are simple but genuine. Vocals sound sick and twisted as usual, clean vocal lines and choirs have the typical primal feel to them. Everything is presented in ancient Swedish language giving it the unique approach typical for Arckanum. All is wrapped in a tight concept dealing with the primal forest and the forces and spirits that live within. This gives the album more of an artistic touch than just another black metal release. This odd piece of black metal art is introduced with an extremely long intro, building up to the start of the first music track. The intro sounds genuine, hypnotic, mysterious and darker than a mid-winter night in hell but it is just too long to listen to more than once or twice a year. Artwork and booklet is flawless and perfected as usual. In my humble opinion ‘Kostogher’ remains the crown of all Shamaatae’s works. But if you appreciated other works of Arckanum, this one will fit your taste without a doubt.

Track listing:
1. Kamps Tekn
2. Frana
3. Tronan Yvir Busand Landskaps Mark
4. Pa Gruvstiigher Vandrum
5. Minir Natz Fughlir
6. Trulfylket, Rapz Ok Os
7. Be Haempndlystnir Fran Dimban
8. Naer Ok Faer Sang Ok Sorg
9. Skipu Vidit Dunkel
10. Baer Vindanir Dvaelies
11. Sangin Kaos

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Blut & Eisen Productions

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