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Arckanum – PPPPPPPPPPP pic disc box [shirt L]


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Picture disc box set with patch, slipmat and a T-shirt in size Large

Shrouded in swirling mists, disappearing worlds surrender to the irresistible onset of eternal darkness. A new age is imminent. PPPPPPPPPPP invokes wrath from the world of ice, beckoning snowstorms from the netherworld. As Pjazi and his tribe declare war on the Gods, furious winters descend. Chaos-currents destroy the cosmos; Ragna Rok is upon us. Arckanums potent Old Norse kennings incite a shift in the balance of all things, providing a snapshot of bleak demise (and rebirth). Shamaataes entrancing fifth album mesmerizes, enraptures and elicits fear, transporting us on a terrifying journey to realms unvisited. Spontaneous, focused torrents – unmistakably Arckanum – recall an ancient past and ravage the future that never was. Engulfed in black, encased in ice, entrapped in chaos, frozen worlds fall extinct.

Track listing:
1. Porhate
2. Pann Svartis
3. Pyrpas Ulfar
4. Pursvitnir
5. Pyrstr
6. Pbobaugvittr
7. Pjazagaldr
8. Pa Komu Niflstormum
9. Prudkyn
10. Priandi
11. Pyteitr

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