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Arckanum – The 11 Year Anniversary Album


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Few bands are as committed to their subject matter as Sweden's Arckanum, whose interest in the pagan ‘old ways' of their Viking ancestors and open worship of the God Pan transcend mere curiosity towards sheer obsession. Going so far as to compose his dark musical invocations in ancient Swedish, Arckanum's founder, Shamaatae first broke bread with elves and trolls in 1992, but only obtained a record deal with Necropolis Records two years later on the strength of the 15-song ‘Trulen’ demo. A proper debut, 1995's Fran Marder (meaning ‘From The Forest’) followed, and its primitive black metal orchestrations provided a fitting background to Arckanum's eccentric lyrical musings — as did conceptually continual follow-up efforts, 1997's ‘Kostogher’ and 2000's epic double disc ‘Kampen’. This anniversary album contains sundry unreleased Arckanum songs from 1992-2003. Track 9 are taken from the sold out 7’ split EP with Contamino and tracks 10 and 11 are taken from the sold out ‘Boka Vm Kaos’ 7’ EP. Gatefold cover, printed innersleeve and poster Track listing: 1. Ty Morkeret 2. Martyrium Af Ondo 3. Aengin Oforhaerra 4. Svinna 5. Kolin Vaeruld 6. Et Sorghetog 7. Traeet 8. Daen Vredhgadi Svarti Loghin 9. Kosmos Wardhin Draepas Om Sin 10. Vm Kaos Gatvm Ok Kosmos 11. Bafomet

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