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Arcturus – La Masquerade Infernale


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Progressive and varied metal with fantastic elements. With members of Ulver, Mayhem, Covenant, Borknagar and also a guest appearance by Vortex of Dimmu Borgir. This is certainly one of the more eclectic releases in the metal genre in some time, La Masquerade Infernale will grasp the listener (who is most likely expecting another generic black metal album) within only a short while. First of all, all growling, screaming, yelping, etc. is gone for the most part; the vocalist has now adopted a semi-operatic style. As the album progresses, one will be confronted by instrumental tracks, industrial-ish sounds, and jungle beats. Poetry, theater (as shown by the lyrics and insert art) and avant-garde music’s have most definitely played a large part in the culmination of this album. Considering that metal rarely veers into uncharted water such as this, the album is a breathe of fresh air for those that have grown tired of standard styling and boundaries. Yet it often seems that the album sacrifices the actual metal in order to include alternate attributes. But overall, this is not a bad piece of work. Track listing: 1. Master of Disguise 2. Ad Astra 3. The Chaos Path 4. La Masquerade Infernale 5. Alone 6. The Throne of Tragedy 7. Painting My Horror 8. Of Nails And Sinners

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