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Arditi -Imposing Elitism lp


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Black vinyl with gold printed cover. Limited 250 numbered copies. This is number 009 !!!!

Step into the cold dark world of Arditi and allow yourself to be destroyed by the powers of the ancient ones. This 2014 album marks a turning point, what was cold hard stone has turned into raw steel. The awe-inspiring figure that is Arditi has never been stronger or more relentless. The broken ground trembles under the resounding echoes of an army, a new dawn rises. A light on the horizon. Imposing Elitism is upon you and you will surrender. Yes the Imposing Elitism is a monstrous creature and better industrial music that combines drumbeats, pounding timpani, prevailing ambient sounding and military are not to be found. Imposing elitism can also been seen as a perverse adoration of war. The titles speak for themselves and the music will put you in a totally pitch black mood. So next time youre out marching in your black steel boots then make sure you have Arditi playing in your headphones

Track listing:
1. Imposing Elitism
2. Heroic Age
3. Templets Heliga Hard
4. Order Of The Black Sun
5. The Earth Shall Tremble Under The Tramp Of Our Feet
6. Sturm Auf Die Zukunft
7. Dawn Of A New Mythos
8. Forfaders Dygder
9. Ashes Scattered In A River

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