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Arghoslent ‎–Galloping Through The Battle Ruins cd


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2015 re-issue in digipak

American death metal act Arghoslent debut album, Galloping Through The Battle-Ruins, might be their greatest achievement. Simply put, this is some truly awe-inspiring death metal. The first thing that hits you when you take a listen to this is the production. It’s good. Pretty damn good, in fact. It’s got an old-school rawness that my ears practically orgasm over. Your ears may also prick up at the bass, as it is quite audible on this recording, and what a pleasure it is, with solid bass lines throughout. I took note of the guitar tone as well, sounding great with both the soaring leads and the meatier riffs. Ah, the riffs. If you’ve heard these guys before, you pretty much know what to expect here, but damn if they aren’t on top of their game. They’re mostly are mostly a mix of death metal riffs with thrash undertones, with those typical NWOBHM-tinged melodies that Arghoslent love to integrate into their sound. For their first album, you’d think they’d be a bit more awkward in incorporating these melodic sections. Instead, the songwriting comes off surprisingly strong and mature. “The Banners of Castille,” for example, starts off with a nice simple melodic riff that carries the song along in its first couple minutes before bursting seamlessly into some great thrashing sections. Similarly, “The Imperial Clans” has a catchy riff that twists and pounds its way through the first several minutes of the song and makes it one of the catchiest songs these guys have written. And try counting the number of great riffs in the “Defile The Angelic” alone – there’s quite a few killer ones, and that’s just the first track of the album. I can do nothing but recommend at least giving “Galloping” a listen. I went in with fairly low expectations, and came out finding this is actually an outstanding album. Every aspect is extremely well done, from the terrific guitar work to the inspired song writing. Who would have thought their first album would be their best? From the leads to the melodic sections, this record truly offers some great listening.

Track list:
1. Defile The Angelic
2. The Banners Of Castile
3. The Entity
4. Galloping Through The Battle Ruins
5. The Imperial Clans
6. Ten Lost Tribes
7. Incursions
8. Fall Of The Melanic Breeds
9. Rape Of A Slave
10. Transpolar Combat

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