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Ark -S/t lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 500 numbered copies

Ark’s self titled debut is an excellent piece of progressive metal and the musicians behind the band have a long story of performing this kind of music as many of them comes from the renowned Conception. John Macaluso is one of the most exciting drummers in prog metal, and while his maverick style of drumming doesn’t show it’s full power until their second release, it’s emergence is prominent on several tracks here, as is Tore Ostby’s in the realm of prog-metal guitar leadership. He really displays his creativity, sacrificing his early neoclassical trappings with Conception for a truly unique listening experience. Rounding out the package is the incredible Jorne Lande, that would go on to bigger things with his own solo career but here he conjures more emotion than on any of his other releases. I would argue that this may be among the most important and creative prog metal releases to date. Although it won’t ever have the influence of an Images And Words or the popularity of an Operation Mindcrime, it is in many ways superior to both. The musicians proficiencies are astounding and the songwriting is among the most inventive you’ll ever find. If you want melody and time signatures that your pop music-loving neighbor can tolerate, purchase the far inferior (albeit still good) Burn The Sun. If you want to hear one of the most incredible studio performances in terms of technical mastery and clever songwriting in the past decade, this is a MUST own.

Track list:
1. Burning Down
2. Where The Wind Blows
3. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
4. Singers At The Worlds Dawn
5. Mother Love
6. Center Avenue
7. Cant Let Go

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