Arkham Witch -Hammerstorm mlp [red]



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Red vinyl with poster and bonus tracks compared to the cd version. Limited 100 copies

Arkham Witch from Yorkshire is a fine metal doom act. The “Hammerstorm” album is a throwback to the NWOBHM and has a particular inclination for Doom Metal. So you’ve got downtuned guitars, verse/chorus/verse/chorus songwriting, energetic music and lyrics speaking of denim, leather and epic battle fantasies. Heard this all before, right? Yes, in fact the material is hardly groundbreaking but like old sods like myself will agree, innovation is not always the name of the game. More to the point, Arkham Witch clearly have a knack of writing great songs, songs full of catchy riffs and anthemic tunes. The title track is the bands 12 minute epic tribute to the Marvel Comics Thor. And how suitable it is to squeeze in a cover version of “Thunder On The Tundra” by Canadian muscle metal god Thor at the same time. The vinyl version also features 3 bonus tracks, especially recorded for this vinyl release. Overall “Hammerstorm” is a pleasure and well worth checking out

Track list:
1. Hammerstorm
2. For Metal
3. Thunder On The Tundra-Thor cover
4. Metal Queen
5. Barbarians
6. Beings Of Fire
7. Burn The Witch

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Journey’s End Records

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