Arkhon Infaustus ‎–Dead Cunt Maniac 7″


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Rare original single with insert. Limited 500 copies

French musician D.Deviant formed Arkhon Infaustus in late 1997 but he wanted it to be clear that this wasn´t based on a part time role played but on his everyday life philosophy. Together with 666 Torturer he recorded the “In Sperma Infernum” demo in 1998 and a year later it was time to once again enter the studio. The end result this time was the Dead Cunt Maniac EP. It was this EP that lead the band to a record deal with Osmose productions. This is brutal and perverse death black metal. Both these tracks would be re-recorded for the bands debut album, Hell Injection, released by Osmose records in 2001.

Track list:
1. Dead Cunt Maniac
2. The Whorehouse Coven

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Spikekult Rekords

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SPK EP 002

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