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Armaggedon -Anthems Of The Black Order cdR


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Mega rare 2003 cdR mini album. Limited 500 numbered copies

French black metal act Armageddon was formed in La Buisse back in 2002. One of their first releases was this, Anthems Of The Black Order, mini album. The album starts with an intro that flows gently through acoustics and the rough side that is unique to France. The voice is quite dry, but the pure black development, dull voice, and even simple drumming chords are dry and rough. This is mid-tempo black metal in the tradition of old Mayhem and Darkthrone. On this album the band decides to end the album with a cover of the Darkthrone classic Transilvanian Hunger. This French black metal act would over the years be a guarantee if you were looking for pure black metal quality, an underground entity that embraces everything black metal should be in a single manifestation of unprecedented violence.

Track list:
1. Anti Human Life
2. Blood For Him
3. Throne Of The Black Goat
4. Sword Of Viktory
5. Behind The Shadow Of Satan
6. Pagan And Proud
7. Transilvanian Hunger-Darkthrone cover

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