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Armaggedon -The Satanic Kommandantur cd


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Rare 2018 private pressing.

French black metal act Armageddon was formed in La Buisse back in 2002. Their 2018 album, The Satanic Kommandantur was recorded, like the previous album, in the middle of nowhere and in no time says the band. This is mid-tempo black metal in the tradition of old Mayhem and Darkthrone. Armaggedon are once again a guarantee of pure black metal quality, an underground entity that embraces everything black metal should be in a single manifestation of unprecedented violence. The Satanic Kommandantur might be the msot violent and hateful of the albums so far from this radical black metal act.

Track list:
1. The Satanic Kommandantur
2. Frozen Spectre Of Holocaust
3. Aaron Theory: Solution Injektion
4. Deshumanisazion
5. Bunker 666
6. Kharon, Desecrating The Lambs Over The Styx
7. AMF
8. Aktion T4
9. Black Sun Morbid Rites

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