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Armory ‎–The Search MC [silver]


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Silver cassette with white text. Limited 100 copies

Armory, a speed metal outfit from the lovely city of Gothenburg. Originally formed in the late summer of 2012. After two demo tapes and the well-regarded debut album World Peace … Cosmic War (2016) came The Search (2018) and its an album that carries on where World Peace … Cosmic War had left off. Lyrically and conceptional The Search is quite a demanding album, giving the listener food for thought. The same holds true on a musical level, again it’s a very guitar-driven and technical album. It’s not something we consciously strive for, but I think you are right, agrees Gustav Sundin. We don’t want to write over-complicated riffs just for the sake of it, but we do like to play as fast as we possibly can (and then a tiny bit faster) so as we learn to play our songs faster and faster, that makes some of the riffs appear to be quite complex. Stylistically and lyrically Armory stand out a bit.

Track list:
1. The Search
2. Hyperion
3. Rise Above
4. Star Voyage
5. Vault Seven
6. Bringer Of Light
7. Heavy Metal Impact
8. The Twin Suns Of Solaris
9. Utomjordisk Dominans
10. Polymorphic Intruders
11. Hisingen Warriors

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