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Ascendancy –The Amazing Ascendacy Versus Count Illuminatus cd


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Ascendancy is a young band from Brno and this young Czech act performs some progressive symphonic metal coming in with the sonic palette of Stratovarius, the lyrical cheesiness of Dream Evil ala Dragonslayer, and the vocal stylings of Dave Mustaine, Ascendancy wobble along the thin line between theatrical drama and satire. Driven by heavy synth work, bottomed out guitar riffs, speedy high end interludes, and hard, focused percussion, Ascendancy craft a sound simply dripping with sci-fi influences. There are many moments in the album that almost seem to be designed as a soundtrack for a final boss fight in a video game, particularly the moments with backing choral vocals layered in, giving the high drama feel. This is where Ascendancy really hit their stride. It is always a blast to hear an album where it actually sounds like the band had a fun time making it, which is evident in The Amazing Ascendancy Vs. Count Illuminatus. The sound may not be perfect or overly new and fresh but Ascendancy bring an endearing level of energy into their sound and the overall albums is both super nerdy and cool.

Track list:
1. Zeroes And Ones
2. A Man Without Identity
3. My Escape
4. Why?
5. Catastrophic Event
6. Count Illuminatus
7. Secret Society
8. Subterranean Utopia
9. The Amazing Ascendancy
10. Confrontation
11. The Dark Side Of Philosophy
12. Battle Plan
13. The World Doesn’t Want To Be Saved

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