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Asperity (Steel Attack/Carnal Forge) – The Final Demand


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If your a fan of good heavy metal then Asperitys debut is worth hunting down. Born and raised in Sala, Sweden in 2003. The band features Peter Kronberg from Section Eight, Johan Jahlonen from Steel Attack and two Carnal Forge members Petri Kuusisto and Stefan Westerberg. ‘The Final Demand’ starts with some heavy riffs, an awesome solo and then some amazing vocals. And when you have come through all 10 tracks you wont be disappointed. The complete album includes a heavy dose of Swedish metal, which features catchy melodic songs that contain addictive sing along choruses, crystal clear and clean high pitched vocals and skillful hook-laden riffs, in the spirit of such modern day contemporaries as Nocturnal Rites, Tad Morose or Lion's Share. ‘The Final Demand’ is a damn fine album so if you are a connoisseur of powerful melodic metal with a hard rock flair don't let this obscure little gem slip through your fingers. Track listing: 1. Will They Come 2. Pleasure And Pain 3. The Pray 4. Soul Collector 5. I'll Never Understand 6. The Final Demand 7. The Man With 1000 Faces 8. Past Life 9. Revellion 10. My Sad Eyes

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